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Project HIRE

ANNOUNCEMENT Between April 1 & April 15, 2015 ProjectHIRE will transition to MCC Career Central.

You may continue to apply for jobs on ProjectHIRE however the system will be read-only and you will not recieve e-mail notifications again until the opening of MCC Career Central on April 15, 2015.

The new system will be for MCC students and alumni only.

For more information on listed positions, phone or visit your campus Student Employment Services Office.
 Locations and phone numbers are listed below:
E-mail Blue River for more information. Education Center, Room 101, Phone: 816.604.6544
E-mail the Business and Technology campus for more information. Campus Center, Room 114E, Phone: 816.604.5226
E-mail Longview for more information. Campus Center, Rm 251 - Phone: 816.604.2155
E-mail Maple Woods for more information. Administration Bldg., Room 108C - Phone: 816.604.3155
E-mail Penn Valley for more information. Campus Center, Room 233 - Phone: 816.604.4155
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